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Corporate philosophy

“Contributing to society by creating a custmers' full satisfaction with our excellent products of the prime quality.”

Corporate Profile

Date of establishment June 15, 1952
Name Konan Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Representative Joji Otani, President
■Head office
1515 Kita Gomizuka, Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie Prefecture
Tel: +81-59-397-2612 (switchboard) / Fax: +81-59-397-2608
E-mail info@konanchemical.co.jp
■Yokkaichi Factory
1515 Kita Gomizuka, Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie Prefecture
Tel: +81-59-397-2612 (switchboard) / Fax: +81-59-397-2608
Area of factory:20,575 m2
■Konan Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1515 Kita Gomizuka, Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie Prefecture
Tel: +81-59-397-4197 (switchboard) / Fax: +81-59-397-4186
■Rhamnan Corporation
Expert Office Shibuya 703,10-15,Shibuya 2-chome,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
(Monday-Friday 9am-5pm exc. Holiday)
■Konan(USA) Inc.
21250 HAWTHORNE Blvd., 5th Floor TORRANCE, CA USA
Capital Paid-up capital: \67,680,000
(of which \22,560,000 Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.)
Employees Total of 90 employees at Head Office and Yokkaichi Factory
Scope of business
【I.】 Aims of business
  • Manufacture and sale of intermediate chemicals
  • Manufacture and sale of phenol chemicals
  • Manufacture and sale of high performance foods
  • Manufacturing and sale of functional food ingredients and dietary supplements.
  • All business ancillary to the above items
【II.】 Names of products
1) Paracresol
2) Paratoluenesulfonic acid monohydrate
3) Paraethylphenol
4) 2,4-xylenol
【III.】 Customer base by the region
1) Japan
2) Korea
3) China/Taiwan
4) Asean
5) USA/Canada
6) Europe
7) Latin America
8) South Africa

History of the Company

1952 (June) Company established with capital of \500,000. Began as an integrated manufacturer of artificial sweeteners. (These items are no longer in production today.)
1959 (May) Succeeded in the development and the production within Japan of Pure Paracresol, in parallel with which a start was made with production of Paratoluenesulfonic acid.
1962 (November) Started manufacture of the new products Parachlortoluene, Orthochlortoluene and its various derivatives. (These items are no longer in production today.)
1968 (April) Succeeded in the development of a new product, Synthetic Paraphenylphenol. Began production of synthetic products for the first time in Japan. (These items are no longer in production today.)
1969 (October) Succeeded in developing the new product Paraethylphenol. Began production for the first time in Japan.
1970 (July) Work completed on construction of the new factory at Kusu. Completion of a cutting-edge factory engaged in the production of Paracresol in the zone adjacent to the industrial complex at Yokkaichi City in Mie Prefecture.
1989 (December) Completion of a factory specializing in the overseas sales of Paratoluenesulfonic acid inside the site occupied by the Kusu factory.
1996 (April) Head office moved from Itabashi-ku in Tokyo to its present site in order to introduce greater efficiency into business operations.
2002 (March 31) Closure of the Tokyo factory.
2002 (November) Start of manufacture of a new product, 2,4-xylenol.
2007 (June) Establishment of new health care business division. Start of research and development in connection with health food products.
2008 (October) Acquisition of Mie Environmental Management Systems (M-EMS) standard.
2014(March) Konan was selected by the Ministry of Economy.Trade and Industry as one of the "Top Global Niche 100 Companies of Japan" * in the Raw Materials & Chemicals Sector.
* A company striving to develop international markets and securing a high shere in the niche market, and, at the same time, maintaining stable corporate management.
2023(present) The main products, “Para-Cresol”,“Para-Toluene Sulfonic Acid”,“Para-Ethyl Phenol”and “2,4 Xylenol” have all secured a uniquely strong position and markets are diversified.The dietary supplement, “Rhamnox 100” is currently being sold.
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